Golden Accents: Forever 21 Knuckle Rings


I came across these super cute finger fashion statements at Forever 21 and had to get them! They are cute yet simple golden textured knuckle rings that come in different sizes to fit each finger.

photo source:


photo source:


They carry these particular ones in gold and silver but they have so many different styles and a lot of them also come in diamond encrusted as well. You can shop their adorable knuckle rings HERE.

Some of the rings in the pack I purchased are a little too big for some of my knuckles so I wear them as regular finger rings, but since I don’t like having a ring or a bunch of rings on one finger, it works out for me.


The pack cost me $7 for a pack of 22 rings – that’s a deal! Also, through multiple hand-washing they haven’t tarnished or faded yet…that’s a plus in my book when it comes to cheap jewelry!


A set complete with six midi rings and sixteen regular rings all flaunting textured bands.

Midi and knuckle rings are designed to be worn mid-finger

22 rings total

High polish finish, lightweight

Made in China

Measured from Size 8

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


Next time I’ll have to get my hands {or fingers} on some of the other beautiful styles they carry!! 🙂 hehe




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