Going Nude For The Holidays

Ok, so let’s clear the air for those of you with dirty minds… We’re talking about nude nail polish here LOL

I am so in love with nude nails! They seriously go with any season, style, fashion, etc.! I really felt like keeping it super simple yet stylish this time around, instead of the typical darker colors that are associated with fall and winter.

There are so many nude nail polishes out there to choose from, and one I had never tried but truly fell in love with, is the Kiara Sky gel polish in G404 Skin Tone. With it’s super creamy peachy tone, I just couldn’t resist.

Love, Love, Love it!

It retails for $12.99 on their website, but you can also find it at almost any beauty store.

Not too pink, not too orange, just right. This creamy peach tone will make you hungry for more.

Fall in love with Kiara Sky® Soak-off Gel Polish, a patent-pending formula that assures long lasting wear, high-gloss shine that resists fading and color changes over time. The only gel polish in the market that can be applied as a three or two-step system. Yes, you heard it right base coat application is completely optional. Finally every woman has a choice! Perfect over natural nails, overlays and pedicures. Cure 30 seconds under LED lamp or 2 minutes under UV lamp. Removes quickly and completely in just 8 minutes without any damage to the natural nail. Available in 101 trendsetting colors and comes with matching nail lacquers.


LED and UV light compatible

Size: 15 ml

Made in the USA

I am extremely hands-on with everything ; always doing something with my fingers… but the polish hasn’t chipped, cracked, or peeled yet and I’ve had it on for at least a week. I am so happy with it!! Definitely recommend this brand AND this color.




3 thoughts on “Going Nude For The Holidays

  1. Hey so I got this color because I found your photo on google the color is not the one on your nails… just FYI its much brighter and peachy.


      1. Hey thanks for the response.. Sorry if I sounded bitter I really like the look of the shade with the lighting lol. Definitely a pink nude


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