Asian Pears

If you aren’t already aware, it’s SOΒ important to snack throughout the day. It helps to keep your blood sugar in check and not make you over eat when it comes time for lunch or dinner. I have literally 3 snacks a day aside from breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s the only way I can properly function throughout the day without feeling hungry or angry. πŸ™‚

Asian pears are sort of like if an apple and a pear had a baby! LOL


They’re thicker outer skin resembles an apple while the inside is more apple like firm with a deeper juicy softness like the pear. They’re great to but up and take with you or eat whole. The skin is a bit tough but you can hydrate so much with this fruit. It’s seriously really juicy! And you don’t realize this until you actually bite into it and start chewing.

They have the following health benefits:


One large Asian pear contains 116 calories and only 0.6 grams of fat. The majority of these calories come from carbohydrates, with 9.9 of the 29.3 grams of total carbohydrates coming from dietary fiber. Daily recommendations for fiber vary with your age and gender, ranging from 25 to 38 grams. As such, one large Asian pear provides between 26.1 and 39.6 percent of your daily intake. Dietary fiber is essential for your intestinal health and helps to promote healthy blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels. In addition, a high dietary fiber intake helps you to feel full longer, which, coupled with the relatively low caloric content of an Asian pear, may help you to attain or maintain a healthy body weight.


The proper functioning of all your body’s cells, organs and tissues relies on a healthy balance of electrolytes. Two of the most important electrolytes are sodium and potassium. Asian pears contribute to this balance by being sodium free and providing 7.1 percent of your daily potassium. Sodium and potassium have opposite and complementary effects, and the high potassium content in Asian pears can help to counteract the high sodium content in other foods. This is particularly important for its effects on blood pressure, as reducing your sodium intake and increasing your daily potassium can help to lower high blood pressure.

Vitamin K and Copper

With 13.8 percent of a woman’s and 10.3 percent of a man’s daily vitamin K, one large Asian pear can play a significant role in maintaining the regular functioning of your blood. Another important micronutrient for blood and bone health is copper, which is essential to the production of energy, red blood cells and collagen. One large Asian pear contains 15.3 percent of your daily copper.

Vitamin C

Aside from vitamin K and copper, the only micronutrient found in high concentrations in Asian pears is vitamin C. With 11.6 percent of a man’s and 13.9 percent of a woman’s daily intake, one large Asian pear helps you to meet your body’s daily vitamin C needs. This vitamin is important for the growth and repair of bodily tissues, healing wounds and repairing and maintaining bones and teeth. Similar to copper, vitamin C boosts iron absorption and plays the role of an antioxidant in your body. By removing free radicals from your body, these antioxidant effects add cancer prevention to the list of health benefits of Asian pears.


If this information doesn’t help make you a believer in the power of Asian pears, you can find some more information here.

You will not only feel full after eating one of these bad boys, but you will be hydrated as well. Β What a great combo, no?