Face Washing Essentials

It’s so important to wash your face at the end of day but more importantly to remove all that daily grime and makeup off that clogs pores and causes not just breakouts but premature aging of the skin! 😱

My top 3 necessities are: 

  • Face wipes 
  • Face wash 
  • Eye makeup remover (+ cotton balls)

Face wipes really help to prep your face for the wash, by helping take off a lot of the makeup you have on. This first step is great for me especially after a workout when I’m all sweaty. There are actually quite a few good products out there that work pretty well. These Studio 35 Beauty wipes work well, but I’m always switching between products as most of the ones I’v  tried seem to do the trick. 

The face wash does the obvious but the key here is to use a type of product that foams so it can effectively remove your makeup. So many products out there claim to do this but don’t actually perform well and still leave makeup stuck to your skin. I have used so many different kinds of face washes, and each time ended up going back to my all time favorite, Purpose. It’s non expensive, non oil-based, non drying, non comedogenic….and actually works! 

Last but definitely not least, even after washing your face there tends to still be makeup left over around the eyes. I find that a good eye makeup remover like Lumene, combined with some cotton balls helps to gently remove all the remaining product from the delicate eye area. There are also several other good brands out there that work well. 

All these products I purchased from CVS.

Is there another product you use that you consider an essential face washing item? 


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