My Hair Color

Everyone keeps asking me if my hair is naturally black and how do I get it to look so shiny. So I figured I’d share my hair color secrets 🙂 {not really a secret}.

My hair is naturally a medium golden brown – like Eva Mendez ….. (but without her blonde highlights lol)…

I use Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color #36 in Midnight Black. It’s ammonia-free and lasts me about a couple of months, then starts to fade out. It comes with a super moisturizing conditioner that lasts almost the entire time the color stays on – and smells great! I have used permanent color before and still do (every blue moon – I’ll post on that color later). I just try to keep my hair as healthy as I possible can, between my applications.

I let my natural hair color come out every now and then to give my hair a break from all the coloring and sport a different look!

I actually started coloring my hair back when I was 17 years old. I’ll never forget the experience (dios mio!) I wanted to have black hair so I went and bought myself a box of black hair color and started dying it myself. The end result was a disaster!! I didn’t realize that the color I bought was actually a bad brand of “blue black” and I left it on WAY too long, so it really burned my hair (not to mention my natural hair is curly and already a bit frizzy) so this really made it worse. And, to add insult to injury it wasn’t a wash out color so I had to wait for it all to grow back out. 😦  Thank goodness, times have changed and, so have I! haha.


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