Quick Braided Up-Do Hair Style

Finding the right hairstyle sometimes can be a painful task. πŸ˜† It’s great to switch it up every so often. This style is an easy up-do you can do on the go, and all you need is a hair clip.

* If your hair is really thick you may need 2 clips. *

  • Start by taking 3 parts from the top center of your head at the bangs, and braiding it.
  • Braiding a bit to the side, start grabbing other strands of hair as you braid further and further down.
  • Make sure to grab all your hair to one side so you can braid it all to that side.
  • Once you braid all your hair, take that braid and flip it over your head – from ear to ear.
  • Clip it in place behind the ear.

And that’s it. ☺️

I hope these directions are easy to follow. Let me know in the comments below if not.


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