Review: Maybelline, NYC and Loreal Mascaras

No girl feels complete without her mascara! It’s a make-up essential! They’re just like us…they come in all different colors, shapes and sizes. 🙂 One does not fit all, and to each their own. I personally love the blackest of the blacks in mine. I normally wear my lashes very lightly coated for work without over doing it as shown in the image above, but on the weekends I definitely go all out with extra coats! I love to switch off and try new products as with everything else, but below are my 4 favorites on a budget.

Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara

I always start with a lengthening mascara for my lashes. Illegal Length really is just that! It doesn’t clump and really almost stretches the lashes out. The bristles on the brush are really long and all curved to really dig deep into your lashes for the best possible length. One good coat is all I need for my lashes. $8.99 at CVS.  I give it 10 stars!

NYC Sky Rise Mascara

photo credit: Walmart
photo credit: Walmart

This mascara I purchased on a whim wanting to try something new and it really met my expectations. It applies really well, at times clumps but it’s nothing major that a few strokes of the tapered brush cant fix. It lengthens nicely and the bristles on the brush are much more compact so it doesn’t reach every single lash BUT it still works great – I use this one when I head off to work during the week for a nice subtle length. $2 at CVS. I give this one 8 stars.

Loreal Voluminous Original Mascara

photo credit: Loreal

After I lengthen I always follow it up with a voluminizing mascara to really thicken the lashes. Like it’s name says, its super voluminous and glides on smoothly. The bristles are compact but thick enough to wet and coat nicely. I sometimes have to rub a bit of excess off the brush before applying but the product itself is still great and makes my eyes pop nonetheless. $7.79 at CVS. I give this one 8 stars.

Maybelline Mega Plush Volum’ Express  Mascara

photo credit: Maybelline

This mega-volume mascara adds tons of thickness to my pre-lengthened lashes. The brush is big and fluffy and bendable yet extra soft so it gently brushes over the lashes coating them evenly. Really adds the volume I need without clumping. $7.99 at CVS. I give this one 10 stars!



Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned.

4 thoughts on “Review: Maybelline, NYC and Loreal Mascaras

  1. I’ve been on the hunt for a new drugstore mascara. I’ve tried the carbon black (after many pinterest hits) and I can’t seem to stop my mascara from rubbing off on my undereyes. I have teeny eyes and tend to use huge facial expressions at work, so it’s probably my own fault. I’m going to give the MegaPlush a try next!

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    1. I would definitely suggest waterproof mascara for you to prevent it from rubbing off ! I personally don’t use waterproof BUT if u are constantly noticing it melting or rubbing off, I would recommend waterproof. Then u shouldn’t run into that problem 🙂


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