Shrimp Alfredo Pasta

This dish tastes pretty good I have to admit. Alfredo anything is very bad on a dairy-free diet since it always contains milk. Soooo since I have gone way too long without eating it and lots of trial and error in trying to make the perfect recipe I finally found a fast and easy fool proof Alfredo dish that tastes TOO good to be true.

shrimp alfredo

Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free

Serves 3

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes


  • 1/2 container Victoria Vegan Alfredo Sauce
  • 1lb regular shrimp (peeled and deveined)
  • 1/2 package of gluten-free linguini or spaghetti pasta
  • Large handful of cherry tomatoes (cut in half)


  1. Saute the shrimp in a saute or sauce pan with some olive oil until fully cooked (will turn pink).
  2. Then add the cherry tomatoes for another minute, and set aside.
  3. Boil the pasta just until al dente (not too soft, but not too hard). Keep watch as the gluten-free kind cooks very quickly.
  4. Then strain the pasta and in the same sauce pan add the pasta, Alfredo sauce and shrimp/tomatoes.
  5. Stir everything together really well and let it heat for another minute or two.
  6. Optional: I like to cut up some cilantro or parsley and garnish 🙂
  7. Serve and enjoy!

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