Wrap-Around Ponytail With Clips


There are many ways to style your hair and create up-dos. However, when you want to get that ponytail look without the use of hair ties, it’s actually rather easy to do…with the wrap-around style. All you need is 2 clips for thick hair, and 1 clip for thinner hair


  1. Start by gathering all your hair in a bunch, and let the base sit where you’d like the ponytail to start.
  2. Then take a section of hair from one side and while holding your ponytail with one hand, take the section of hair and start wrapping it tightly around the pony.
  3. After you have wrapped it, you can take a bobby pin or tiny hair clip and clip the ends you used to wrap the pony with, down so it hold everything in place.
  4. You can style it as a more messy look (as pictured above) or with a brush and some hairspray, you can create a more sleek professional look




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