Vampire Facial vs. Vampire FaceLift – The New Anti-Aging Beauty Trends

The Vampire Facial and Vampire FaceLift have both been catching the spotlight lately. Especially ever since Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her red bloody face – and a video of her getting the procedure done. Now, there are actually two different versions of this procedure that everyone gets confused.

Photo Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The Vampire Facial: This is the procedure that Kim had done. It involves the use of an aerating MicroPen for micro needling or CIT (collagen induction therapy). This type of procedure has been around for many years however with with all the recent advances in skin care technology it’s now making a tremendous comeback.  A certified skin care professional uses the MicroPen to gently aerate the skin, and then topically applies serums or skin care products.  The tiny micro perforations made by the MicroPen allow for easier absorption of serum, product or even your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP); hence the name Vampire Facial.  The MicroPen has proven extremely useful in the removal of tattoos, treating skin scarring and a host of other skin care procedures.

The Vampire FaceLift: This skin care procedure also uses your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), but involves the injection of your PRP sub-dermally, or under the skin.  Whereas the Vampire Facial is applied topically, the Vampire FaceLift goes under the skin and usually involves the injection of a filler like Juvederm.

Both of these procedures basically claim to give your skin a magical lift and youthful glow that lasts way beyond what a normal facial treatment would. They are somewhat expensive ranging from $1500-$2500 for a single treatment. However the results seem as if they could possibly be worth the rip in your pocket if you are looking to improve the look (and health) of your skin more long term.

What are your thoughts? Would you get this procedure done?


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